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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Why are you worried about becoming a minority?

Windfarms for technocrats and 'useful idiot' community builders.. say no thanks .. opt out

Shit community groups do .. 'windfarms' are crony capitalism .. Canada doesn't need more windfarms .. technocrats want more windfarms .. .. GHG are not the problem, our nation is a carbon sink .. google "Plants Need Co2" China greening.. agenda 2030 #stop technocracy #opt out

Trudeau 2.0's oppressive aggressive invasion of privacy in 2018; vote him out in 2019

Justin Trudeau has authorized government officials to enter farm family homes, even if no one is home, and search for and download documents from personal computers... WITHOUT A WARRANT!

Cob Builds , Freedom, Liberty, Tantramar Landowners Association Canada

Faith Goldy's Anti-Immigration Speech Shut Down By Hysterical Neo-Marxists

Reactionary Activists "Shut It Down" Faith Goldy Silenced At Wilfred Laurier

John Lamb Lash Radio Gaianym Ep 5: The Transhuman Threat and the Lie of AI

John Lamb Lash - Radio Gaianym Ep 4: When Jesus Speaks To You